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Sentient Starter Deck

Sentient Starter Deck

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Dinn starter decks are the perfect way to jump into the game, they are designed for pick-up-and-play while providing a simple entry into the alternate reality game.


  • 1 x Tuckbox
  • 12 x Hero cards
  • 12 x Equipment cards
  • 12 x Action cards
  • 3 x Heart cards
  • 1 x Rules & Keyword guide card
  • 1 x Exclusive, limited edition online-order bonus card.

Product Details

Dinn features cards in a "tarot" size format, which is 2.75" x 4.75". Due to their large size, Dinn cards will require tarot card sleeves for players who wish to sleeve their cards.

Alternate Reality Game

Dinn's alternate reality game (ARG) features puzzles hidden on every card. Learn more about Dinn's ARG here.

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About this deck

This starter deck features the Knights of the Round Table and includes a puzzle incorporating all 36 playable cards. It's an excellent deck for beginners.

Can you unlock this deck's secrets and solve the mysterious disappearance of Natalie Neil?

Learn how to play

Learn how to play the expandable card game, or alternate reality game.

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